Recorded Sessions

Recorded sessions

System Center Universe 2015 Europe

Deep Dive into Operations Management Suite, link

Migrating from Orchestrator to Azure Automation, link

System Center Universe 2015 USA

Optimize Azure Virtual Machines for Performance and Availability, link

TechEd Europe 2014

In-Depth Introduction to Service Management Automation, link

System Center Universe Europe 2014

Advanced Orchestrator Runbook Authoring and Management, link

Optimize Azure Virtual Machines for performance and availability, link

TechEd North America 2014

Notes from the Field: Windows Azure Pack IaaS and PaaS, link

System Center Universe USA 2014

Master Class: Orchestrating Daily Tasks Like a Pro, link

System Center Universe Europe 2013

Iron chef cloud, the sequel – cooking up gourmet automation solutions with the cloud OS, link

TechEd Europe 2013 in Madrid

Orchestrator Crash Course, link (new version of the session from TechEd NA)

TechEd North America 2013 in New Orleans

Orchestrator Crash Course, link

Orchestrator Integration Packs, link

Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) 2013 in Las Vegas

Best Practices For Runbook Authoring and Managing Orchestrator, link

Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2013 (NIC) in Oslo

Lessons-learned around runbook design, link

Busting the time wasters in your IT environment, link

System Center User Group [Swedish]

Automation with Orchestrator and SMA, link

2 thoughts on “Recorded Sessions

  1. Hi, the folder structor we showed in the sessions was when SMA invoked a runbook on the Orchestrator side. So the folder structure was on the Orchestrator side, not SMA. In SMA we use only tags

  2. Hi Anders,

    I really enjoyed the SMA session you and Pete did at SCU2014, but I do have a follow-up question. In the one demo you mentioned using tags to categorize your runbooks rather than creating the folder structure of Orchestrator. Later in the demo you showed the runbook PS script and it listed a runbook path that appeared to maybe be the result of organized planning. Is there some underlying folder structure that I would want to create some organization in? If so, can you point me to any resources on the subject or perhaps do a blog post to explain?

    Thanks again!


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