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I wrote a SQL query that I thought I could share. This SQL query will show collected performance data for a specific machine for the last 30 minutes. I was working with a issue where some agents stopped sending performance data. Before we found the root cause and a fix, we configured this script in a […]

In many scenarios you have a list of servers, a database query result or a place in your Active Directory that contains servers that you want to monitor in some special way. Often you need the machines in a group in Operations Manager so you can for example create overrides, maintenance mode and views for […]

Earlier this week I did some tests around Ubuntu Server and Operations Manager 2012. I did the same in Operations Manager 2007 R2 and the way to get the monitoring to work is almost the same in both products. All challenges that I meet was the same in both products. Before we continue I would […]

Maintenance Mode Report (part II)

Posted: 29th September 2011 by Anders Bengtsson in Scripts, System Center Operations Manager 2007

In the Notification and reporting for maintenance mode post we created a report for every object that is in maintenance mode. I did a update to that script today, instead of showing all objects that are in maintenance mode the report now only show computer objects. You can download the script MMReport.txt (rename to .ps1). As […]

Forward Alerts by E-mail

Posted: 25th September 2011 by Anders Bengtsson in System Center Operations Manager 2007

In some scenarios you want to forward an alert to a engineer direct from the Operations Manager console. In this post I will show you a example how that can be done with a task. The task will run a power shell script that picks up properties of the alert and forward it by e-mail. Start by […]

A common scenario is that you want to group computers in groups based on SLA, responsibility or server teams. Groups are used to for example filter views and boundary in notifications. When looking at the Windows computer object you see everything you are monitoring on that machine (that rolls-up health to the Windows computer object). But you don’t […]

I have built a scenario where I use Opalis, Virtual Machine Manager, Operations Manager and Service Manager to control number of web servers in a web farm. The web farm is behind a NLB cluster. The scenario was to only have enough with IIS running, no extra IIS machines that is not doing anything. If […]

I read a question on the forum about the “Get Alert” object in Opalis, that it doesn’t support relative dates. That is correct and a bit sad too, it would be really nice to say “now minus 7 days” as we can do in the Operations Manager reporting console for example. But there is of […]

Start Maintenance Mode with Opalis

Posted: 15th February 2011 by Anders Bengtsson in Opalis, System Center Operations Manager 2007

In this post I want to show you a example how you can start Operations Manager maintenance mode from Opalis. Operations Manager maintenance mode is used to prevent alerts and notifications from objects that you under maintenance. In maintenance mode, alerts, notifications, rules, monitors, automatic responses, state changes, and new alerts are suppressed at the […]

When the agent is located in a domain separate from the domain where the Operations Manager management server is located, and no two-way trust exists between the two AD forests, certificates must be used so that authentication can take place between the agent and management server. A gateway server could also be included in a solution […]