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Automate failover in SMA with Operations Manager

Posted: 26th January 2014 by Anders Bengtsson in Operations Manager 2012, SMA

In this post I talked about hos failover in SMA works. As you could read in that post there is a manual step to transfer jobs from one worker to another. This process could of course be automated in a couple of different ways, you can use Orchestrator for example. Today I will show how […]

I wrote a SQL query that I thought I could share. This SQL query will show collected performance data for a specific machine for the last 30 minutes. I was working with a issue where some agents stopped sending performance data. Before we found the root cause and a fix, we configured this script in a […]

With the System Center Integration Pack for System Center 2012 Operations Manager we can integrate with Operations Manager and automate maintenance mode, alert handling, monitor for alerts, and state changes. Unfortunately there are no activities for handling management packs or management pack objects. Some time ago I posted a blog post around self-service for Operations […]

Last week I received a e-mail around tracking logon and logoff activities Service Manager with Operations Manager. It can be solved with a event collection rule and the default custom event report. In Operations Manager console, navigate to the Authoring work space and Rules Create a new rule of type Collection Rules/Event Based/NT Event Log Select a suitable management pack […]

A common scenario I often see is that everyone in the IT organisation knows that Operations Manager can monitor everything and fulfill all requirements, but it is to complicated for different expert/administration teams to do anything in Operations Manager. For example if the Exchange team wants to monitor a event they need to ask the Operations Manager team to create the rule. […]

When you start utilize Orchestrator to integrate between services and execute workflows you soon realize that you need to get an overview of what Orchestrator is actually doing. With the Orchestrator management pack for Operations Manager 2012 you get a good foundation of monitoring the Orchestrator infrastructure, but not that much about what Orchestrator is […]

In many scenarios you have a list of servers, a database query result or a place in your Active Directory that contains servers that you want to monitor in some special way. Often you need the machines in a group in Operations Manager so you can for example create overrides, maintenance mode and views for […]

Lately I have been working with a number of automation scenarios where we use Service Manager and Orchestrator to automate Operations Manager. The scenarios have not really been target to end-users, instead to Operations Manager administrators and subject matter experts (SME). For example install agent and uninstall agent, maintenance mode and disable alerts. All this […]

AEM cross-forest

Posted: 18th December 2011 by Anders Bengtsson in Operations Manager 2012

Monitoring desktop client hardware, operating system and application faults can be of great value in terms of reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) through identification of widespread faults in the monitored environment. In Operations Manager Agentless Exception Monitoring (AEM) can help you with that. AEM enables you to monitor operating systems and applications for error. Client monitoring […]

OM12: SSL Certificate Error

Posted: 18th December 2011 by Anders Bengtsson in Operations Manager 2012

This week when I was working with Linux monitoring from a resource pool in Operations Manager 2012 I got this alert SSL Certificate Error Description: The SSL Certificate used by the Agent has a configuration error. The server certificate on the destination computer (SERVERNAME:1270) has the following errors: The SSL certificate could not be checked for […]