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In Orchestrator we often use a monitoring activity in the beginning of a runbook, for example monitor Service Manager for new incidents. In SMA we do this a bit different which I will explain in this blog post. Remember that you can connect Orchestrator and SMA together as shown in this blog post , […]

Building a SMA activity for Service Manager

Posted: 26th February 2014 by Anders Bengtsson in SMA, System Center Service Manager

Service Manager and Orchestrator are well connected with a connector. It is easy to use Orchestrator runbooks as activities in for example change requests and service requests. When SMA was released as part of Orchestrator 2012 R2 a number of customers asked how to use SMA runbooks as activities in Service Manager. Some runbooks running […]

Automate failover in SMA with Operations Manager

Posted: 26th January 2014 by Anders Bengtsson in Operations Manager 2012, SMA

In this post I talked about hos failover in SMA works. As you could read in that post there is a manual step to transfer jobs from one worker to another. This process could of course be automated in a couple of different ways, you can use Orchestrator for example. Today I will show how […]

State tracking and failover in SMA

Posted: 25th January 2014 by Anders Bengtsson in SMA

As you might know a runbook restarts at the first activity when it fails over to secondary runbook server in Orchestrator. The failover mechanism is automatically in Orchestrator, but restarting at first activity is a challenge. Read more about state tracking in Orchestrator here. SMA do this a bit different  A great news for all Orchestrator […]

Copy or rename a SMA runbook

Posted: 10th January 2014 by Anders Bengtsson in Scripts, SMA

You may have notice that in the Windows Azure portal there is no way to copy or rename a SMA runbook. But it is of course possible with a small Powershell script. The script in this blog post will copy a source SMA runbook and store all settings in a new SMA runbook. The script […]

Logging in Service Management Automation (SMA)

Posted: 9th January 2014 by Anders Bengtsson in SMA

In Service Management Automation (SMA) there are a couple of different ways to write to a log. In this blog post I will show you how to write to the job history tab and how to write to an external SQL database. If you have published a runbook you can use Write-Verbose, Write-Progress and Write-Debug […]

Pass information between Orchestrator runbook and SMA runbook

Posted: 6th January 2014 by Anders Bengtsson in Orchestrator, SMA

Difficult to come up with a good blog post title, as Service Management Automation (SMA) is part of Orchestrator 2012 R2, so in some way a SMA runbook is also a Orchestrator runbook J This blog post will show you how to start a SMA runbook from Orchestrator and then pass information from the SMA […]

Export runbooks with SMA

Posted: 5th January 2014 by Anders Bengtsson in SMA

This runbook can be used to export SMA runbooks based on runbook tag. All runbooks with the tag you specify as a parameter will be exported to the C:\TEMP folder. Remember to update $WebServiceEndPoint to your SMA web service. workflow Export-Runbook { param ( [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [string] $Tag ) $WebServiceEndpoint = “https://wap01” InLineScript { $runbooks = […]