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Welcome to contoso.se! My name is Anders Bengtsson and this is my blog about Azure infrastructure and system management. I am a senior engineer in the FastTrack for Azure team, part of Azure Engineering, at Microsoft.  Contoso.se has two main purposes, first as a platform to share information with the community and the second as a notebook for myself.

Everything you read here is my own personal opinion and any code is provided "AS-IS" with no warranties.

Anders Bengtsson

MVP awarded 2007,2008,2009,2010

My Books
Service Manager Unleashed
Service Manager Unleashed
Orchestrator Unleashed
Orchestrator 2012 Unleashed
Inside the Microsoft Operations Management Suite

Update Folder Security

This post is not about System Center, instead it is about updating adding permissions to folders. This script will read all folders in a folder and give the user with the same userID as the foldername permissions. I combine a script from Microsoft, xcacls.vbs, with my own script to attain this. More information about Xcacls.vbs here. Download my script here. Xcacls.vbs is a great script with a lot of functions and options.

drivel: Contoso.se in a Microsoft White Paper

I just found a funny thing, my domain (contoso.se) in a Microsoft White Paper about Exchange 2007, here. As most of you know Contoso is used by Microsoft in almost all it pro literature, but I have never seen Contoso.se before. You can read about the Contoso company here.

MOM 2005 in a movie

In the movie “Firewall” with Harrison Ford there is a very short but important screen with MOM 2005. Harrison is playing a security expert working at a bank. The bad guys wants him to help them hack the bank. The bad guys runs a script that shutdowns the hole network and Harrison is seeing this in MOM Operators Console.

More information about the movie

Inside Microsoft Operations Manager

“Inside Microsoft Operations Manager” is a newsletter from Silent Software Inc, with focus on MOM. In the latest number there was one of my replys about exchange monitoring published.

You can read it here

RSS feed about KB

At the below URL your can connect to a RSS feed about Microsoft KB articles. A great way to keep yourself updated.

Inside Microsoft Operations Manager

Inside Microsoft Operations Manager is a newsletter about MOM from Silent Software Inc.
In the last number one of my reply was published, about free disk monitoring.

You will find the newsletter here


The purpose of this site is to create a website focus on Microsoft Operations Manager and future System Center Operations Manager.

Contoso is a fictitious company that Microsoft use in most books and certificate.