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Pete, Tao, Stanislav and I are working on version two of the “Inside the Microsoft Operations Management Suite” e-book. The book will be released around May 2017. The book will be 16 chapters and include an enormous amount of information, tips, deep dives and knowledge around the full range of Microsoft OMS features and functionality […]

From time to time I play Minecraft with friends. As a former SCOM geek I have¬†of course configured monitoring for this server ūüôā¬†The server¬†in this blogpost is a Windows server but most of the example works the same for a Minecraft server running on Linux.¬†On the Minecraft server there are two types of resources that […]

In this post I would like to share some ideas around monitoring Azure Backup Server and backup jobs with Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS). OMS comes with a solution for Azure Backup. With this solution I can see that the Azure Backup vault protect 3 servers and is using a total of X GB. If […]

Tao (@MrTaoYang), Stan (@StanZhelyazkov), Pete (@pzerger) and I have been working on a project for the last few weeks. We wanted to bring a learning resource for the¬†MS¬†Operations Management Suite to the community that is complete, comprehensive, concise‚Ķand free (as in beer). While we finish final editing passes over the next couple of weeks, we […]

Using Custom Fields in OMS

Posted: 9th November 2015 by Anders Bengtsson in Microsoft Operations Management Suite

Last week I was working with custom fields in Operations Management Suite (OMS). I would like to share an example were to use custom fields. In this example we have a custom application named Contoso Invoicing Software that writes events (event Id 580) to the application event log. These events are collected by OMS but […]