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Last week I tried Microsoft Azure RemoteApp together with System Center Service Manager. Azure RemoteApp is a service that you can use to support your organization to stay productive anywhere and on almost any device. Your applications runs on servers in Azure or locally, clients install a Microsoft Remote Desktop client and can then access […]

Earlier this week I needed to add a runbook activity to a Service Request depending on the result from a review activity. I have written about adding activities to a service request from a runbook before, here. The difference is that this time I needed to add a runbook activity and that is a bit […]

In Orchestrator we often use a monitoring activity in the beginning of a runbook, for example monitor Service Manager for new incidents. In SMA we do this a bit different which I will explain in this blog post. Remember that you can connect Orchestrator and SMA together as shown in this blog post , […]

Building a SMA activity for Service Manager

Posted: 26th February 2014 by Anders Bengtsson in SMA, System Center Service Manager

Service Manager and Orchestrator are well connected with a connector. It is easy to use Orchestrator runbooks as activities in for example change requests and service requests. When SMA was released as part of Orchestrator 2012 R2 a number of customers asked how to use SMA runbooks as activities in Service Manager. Some runbooks running […]

Installing the Service Manager Authoring Tool

Posted: 6th February 2014 by Anders Bengtsson in System Center Service Manager

Today I tried to install the Service Manager Authoring Tool on a couple of different machines. The pre-req check always said that Microsoft Visual Studio Shell 2008 was not installed, but I was sure I did install it. I followed the download link in the Authroing Tool setup and downloaded vs_AppEnvRedistand then I ran that file. […]

Temporary Permissions with System Center

Posted: 4th December 2013 by Anders Bengtsson in Orchestrator, System Center Service Manager

Do you have multiple accounts for administrator of your IT environment? Do you have for example one local administrator account, one Active Directory administrator account, one account to administrate some business service and one account that you use to log on to your workstation and read your e-mail? Do you remember all the passwords? I […]

Compare Software on Computers

Posted: 10th November 2013 by Anders Bengtsson in Orchestrator, System Center Service Manager

From time to time you need to compare what software are installed on two computers. For example when using a test environment to test a new release of a software you want to make sure the test environment has same version installed as the production environment. Service Manager includes all this information as it synchronize […]

If you have an Orchestrator environment with multiple runbook servers might have notice that when a runbook failover to secondary runbook server the runbook restarts at the first activity. Let’s say you have a runbook that creates a new user account, a user folder and deploy a computer to a client. If that runbook is […]

Let’s say you have multiple manual activities in a service request. Each of these manual activities need the output of previous manual activities. For example the first manual activity creates a user account for a new hire. Then the second manual activity is adding this user account to a HR system. The first engineer can […]

From time to time I get the question if it is possible to pause a SLA in Service Manager. You should write your SLA in a way that you never have to think about pause them. For example if you have a SLA saying you will fix hardware issues in 8 hours, but your hardware […]