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Best of MMS Sweden 2011

Posted: 5th September 2011 by Anders Bengtsson in Microsoft Event, Opalis, Orchestrator, Swedish

Best of MMS is approaching! Only a couple of weeks away now! I will deliver a session at Best of MMS in Stockholm/Sweden, session title is “How to build A+ runbooks”. It is a level 300 session around runbook design, how to build good looking runbooks that works in the real world. There will be […]

Building a log for your runbooks

Posted: 14th July 2011 by Anders Bengtsson in Opalis, Orchestrator

The last week I have been working on a way to handle logs for multiple runbooks in Orchestrator. Opalis and Orchestrator will executes but as soon as they are done, they will drop everything, and will not “remember anything”. They only keeps data in memory during execution (and maybe in some logs). That is one of the reasons why it […]

How-to build custom activities with QIK and PowerShell

Posted: 3rd July 2011 by Anders Bengtsson in Opalis, Orchestrator

In this blog post I will show you how to build two custom activities based on PowerShell commands. I will be using the Orchestrator beta and Quick Integration Kit 3. The Quick Integration Kit (QIK) enables you to extend your library of activities, with new custom integration packs and activities. QIK features a Command Line Interface (CLI) Wizard that […]

Error initializing MAPI in Orchestrator or Opalis

Posted: 26th June 2011 by Anders Bengtsson in Opalis, Orchestrator

Today I was building a runbook including a Send Exchange Email activity. Unfortunately it didn’t work, instead I had to troubleshoot for a moment. The error was “Error initializing MAPI”. This activity use a Outlook profile, so you need to have Outlook installed on the runbook server/action server that is going to execute the runbook/policy. […]

Opalis Log Purging

Posted: 14th June 2011 by Anders Bengtsson in Opalis

If your Opalis database is filled up with log entries the console performance will be affected. Navigating between folders in the console, viewing workflows or console “hangs” in general can be a result of to much log data in the database.By default the log purging feature is not enable in Opalis. The result of that […]

Save time for servicedesk with Opalis

Posted: 3rd May 2011 by Anders Bengtsson in Opalis, System Center Service Manager

In this post I want to give a simple example how you can use Opalis to save time for your service desk. Often the 1st line do the same tasks over and over again. For example when a user calls in a incident around access to the intranet, service desk connect to the desktop machine, check […]

I have built a scenario where I use Opalis, Virtual Machine Manager, Operations Manager and Service Manager to control number of web servers in a web farm. The web farm is behind a NLB cluster. The scenario was to only have enough with IIS running, no extra IIS machines that is not doing anything. If […]

I have created a Opalis workflow that checks number of active incidents related to a business service. If there are more the X (in my example 4) incidents active a problem work item will be generated. The problem work item will be assign to the problem managers Active Directory group. The policy is divided into […]

Generate SCSM Incident with Opalis

Posted: 15th March 2011 by Anders Bengtsson in Opalis, System Center Service Manager

I read a question on the forum about creating a incident in Service Manager with Opalis. The question was about all the fields you see in the incident form in Service Manger, but not on the “Create Incident with template” activity in Opalis. Many things we see in Service Manager as one form is a […]

Generate demo e-mails with Opalis

Posted: 13th March 2011 by Anders Bengtsson in Opalis

Every time I need to check something around the Exchange management pack I realize there there is not much mail traffic in my sandbox. The main reason is of course because there are no users. The result is that there is not much to look at with the management pack. I have solved this with […]