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ACS Collector Performance Counters

After you have implement Audit Collection Services in your environment you must start monitor the collector. There is a number of performance counters that can help you with this:

  • Connected Clients
  • Database Queue % Full
  • Database Queue Backoff Threshold in %
  • Database Queue Disconnect Threshold in %
  • Database Queue Length
  • DB Loader Event Inserts/sec
  • DB Loader Principal Inserts/sec
  • DB Loader String Inserts/sec
  • DB Principal Cache Hit %
  • DB Request Queue Length
  • DB String Cache Hit %
  • Event time in collector in milliseconds
  • Incoming Events/sec
  • Interface Audit Insertions/sec
  • Interface Queue Length
  • Registered Queries

If you want to collect this performance data and review it for analyse and plannig, you can first create a collection rule and then a performance view.

  1. Start the console, click Authoring
  2. Right-click Rules and choose to create a new rule
  3. Rule Type: Choose to create a Collection Rules/Performance Based/Windows Performance. Click Next
  4. General: Input a rule name, description and choose “Microsoft Audit Collection Services Collector” as rule target, then click next.
  5. Performance Counter: input “ACS Collector” as object. If you want to collect for example number of events inserted in the database per second, select “DB Loader Event Inserts/sec” as counter. Select “Include all instances for the selected counter”. Configure the interval and then click Next
  6. Optimized Collection: Choose to use optimization or not, click Create

If you want to view the collected data you can create a performance view, and configure it to show data related to “Microsoft Audit Collection Services Collector”.