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“matches wildcard” in Ops Mgr 2007

In MOM 2005 we could add advanced criterias and for example check if a event description included a special word, “matches wildcard”. In this post I will show you how to get the same feature in Ops Mgr 2007. I want an alert when a event with “unsucessfully” is written in the local event log.

I have create a simple vbscript that writes two events to a local event log. The event ID and source are the same, and the description is almost the same, but one event includes “unsuccessfully” and the other one includes “sucessfully”. Now I want to get an alert only when events with “unsuccessfully” a written in the local event viewer.

  1. Start Ops Mgr Console, click Authoring
  2. Right-click Rules and choose to create a new Rule, create a Alert Generating Rules/Event Based/NT Event Log (Alert)
  3. Rule Type: Choose a suitable management pack to store your new rule, click Next
  4. General: Input a name, description and choose a suitable target, click Next
  5. Event Log Type: Choose which log, in my example events will be generated in the Application Log. Click next
  6. Build Event Expression: in my example
    Event ID. equals. 0
    Event Source. equals. WSH
  7. Click Insert and choose then “…” in the new parameter box. In “Select an Event Property” choose “Use parameter name not specified above” and then insert EventDescription , click OK
    setup the last parameter as
    EventDescription. Contains. unsuccessfully  , click Next
  8. Configure Alerts: Configure a suitable alert, with some description. If you want the entire event shown in the alert description you can add $Data/EventDescription$. Click Create

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