Installing the Service Manager Authoring Tool

Today I tried to install the Service Manager Authoring Tool on a couple of different machines. The pre-req check always said that Microsoft Visual Studio Shell 2008 was not installed, but I was sure I did install it. I followed the download link in the Authroing Tool setup and downloaded vs_AppEnvRedistand then I ran that file. After a while I read on this blog about an unsupported modification to skip that pre-check. If I did that unsupported modification the pre-req check did not complain about Visual Studio Shell anymore, but the installation wizard crashed during installation. I then found out that just downloading Visual Studio Shell (vs_AppEnvRedist) and run it did not install it, only extract it to in my example D:\VS 2008 Shell Redist. What we need to do is to browse to that folder and run vs_shell_isolated.enu which actually installed the Visual Studio Shell. After that I could pass both the pre-req check finish eh installation successfully.

20140206 SCSM AuthTool 02

20140206 SCSM AuthTool 01



2 thoughts on “Installing the Service Manager Authoring Tool

  1. Tack för hjälpen Anders, dåligt att den första (extraherande) delen säger Install.
    Dåligt Microsoft, dåligt!

    Authoring Tool installerat!

  2. Hi,

    I found a second one somewhere.
    Just started the SP1 install wizard and deployed the prereq from it.
    Afterwards it passed the check and installed fine.

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