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Ops Mgr, Exchange 2007 and Windows X64

This weekend I have been thinker with Exchange 2007 and Ops Mgr 2007. I am running Exchange 2007 on a Windows 2003 ENT X64 machine. I converted the Exchange 2007 MP for MOM 2005 and imported into Ops Mgr 2007, no problems so far. I followed this post about the converting MP. 

After reading about the management pack at this page,  I ran the following scripts

  1. new-testCasConnectivityUser.ps1 (create the test mailbox and setup user for tests)
  2. set-owaVirtualDirectory (modify the properties of Outlook Web Access virtual directories )
  3. After this I still received a lot of URL check errors, so I re-run new-testCasConnectivityUser.ps1 and also verified that the account was unlocked in Active Directory. This the result was different and the error stopped.

If you receive alerts that the agent cant check exchange URLs, for example the OWA site, make sure you can connect to the site with Internet Explorer. I had some problems because the IIS was in the wrong “mode”. I did reconfigure that with this KB. 

There were some other alert telling me to configure external owa URL and so on. The alert description and knowledgebase includes information how to fix them.

My plan was first to run the Exchange Management Pack Configuration Wizard to setup test mailboxes and so on, as we did with MOM 2005 and Exchange 2003. I downloaded the wizard and started it, and I got this:

“The CDOEXM library is not installed on this computer. The application depends on this library to run. To install CDOEXM you need to install the Exchange System Manager. Setup cancelled.”

Unfortunately Exchange 2003 does not support X64 OS, so it is not possible to install the Exchange 2003 System Manager on this Exchange 2007 machine. My next plan was to install the MP wizard and the Exchange 2003 tools on my XP X86 machine. The installation was no problem, but when I started the MP wizard, no exchange servers was found. I found a interesting KB about create all the settings manually, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/924152 

This weekend I also tried setup notification with the new Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007. No real problem was found, I configurated everything with default values. It was even easier then deploying Live Communicator Server 2005.

Summary: You can convert the Exchange 2007 MP for MOM 2005 and make it work in your Ops Mgr 2007 environment. But you will lose some functions, for example there will be no Exchange reports. If you have a urgent need for the Exchange 2007 MP you can convert the MOM 2005 version, else I recommend you to wait. The Exchange 2007 MP for Ops Mgr 2007 is planned to Q3 2007.  


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