Where did I put my distributed application?

When you create a new distributed application you need to select a management pack to store it in. If you later would like to see in which management pack you stored it, it can be difficult to find a way in the console. But there is at least one way:

  1. Navigate to Authoring, Distributed Applications
  2. Right-click the distributed  application and select Edit… from the menu
  3.  In the Distributed Application Designer Window, select a component group
  4. In the component group details pane, click Configure Health Rollup
  5. In the Override Properties window, you will see the management pack under “select destination management pack”


2 thoughts on “Where did I put my distributed application?

  1. hi my name is satryo, i got problem with my SCOM. i am doing maintenance mode for about ten server. after two days, so i stoped maintenance mode. after several hours waits all the server did not monitored. so i decide to wait until end of day.. but after two days later all the server still in “Not Monitored”. so i decide to uninstall the agent. and after that the server “Monitored” again and running in Healthy state.

    My Question is.. after doing maintenance mode, are we have to uninstall the agent again…?


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