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50217 – Planning and Deploying Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2010

Microsoft Learning will release a Service Manager 2010 four-day instructor-led (classroom) course in the beginning of next year. I will deliver this course in Sweden, if you have any questions about the course or want to attend, send me a e-mail at andersATcontosoDOTse . We are planning to deliver this course during Q1 2010.

This four-day instructor-led course provides students with knowledge and skills to plan, install and configure System Center Service Manager. It starts with a one-day workshop on the Microsoft Operations Framework and other methodologies for planning and deploying service management solutions, and then goes deeper into implementing, configuring and integrating Service Manager with other System center products . It also focuses on how IT processes such as MOF & ITIL processes can be implemented side by side with Service Manager.

  • Day 1: Using the Microsoft Operations Framework to Set the Baseline for a Service Manager 2010 Implementation
    • How MOF and ITIL Processes Support System Center Service Manager
    • Change Management
    • Configuration Management
    • Service Desk
    • Incident Management
    • Problem Management
    • Reviews and Reports
    • Policy and Process exercises
  • Day 2: Planning a System Center Service Manager 2010 Deployment
    • Organizational analysis
    • Planning and architecture design
    • Deploying Service Manager
  • Day 3: Configuring and troubleshooting system center service manager 2010
    • Configurations Management and Connectors
    • Service Manager Management Packs
    • User Roles and Functions
    • Troubleshooting Service Manager
  • Day 4: Operating and Maintaining System Center Service Manager 2010
    • Operating and using the product
    • Data Warehouse and reporting
    • Self Service Portal
    • Maintaining Service Manager


  1. I am offering this course in Seattle Tue Mar 15 – Fri Mar 19 in Seattle, WA USA. I have done seven production implementations of this product (I know, it sounds like a lot–I have been very busy in Q4 2010 :). If you are interested please visit learn.acceleres.com to sign up for the course. Of course Anders is “the dude” as well so for EMEA please of course look to him.

  2. It is a Microsoft learning course so it should be in the format that every training center could deliver it. A idea could be to check with MS Learning contact in the UK

  3. Hi Anders, congratulations for your new challenge as a PFI

    I want to take the M50217 course, some months ago you told me (TechNet forum) that maybe this December is going to be one at Sweden for English Spoken people, do you have any update about this?

    I would appreciate any information,


  4. Anders,

    I am looking for any opportunity to get into the 50217 and accompanying courses. I can’t find a single training center or upcoming course. Any chance you know of any???



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