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Update Service Map groups with PowerShell

Service Map automatically discovers application components on Windows and Linux systems and maps the communication between services. With Service Map, you can view your servers in the way that you think of them: as interconnected systems that deliver critical services. Service Map shows connections between servers, processes, inbound and outbound connection latency, and ports across any TCP-connected architecture, with no configuration required other than the installation of an agent. Machine Groups allow you to see maps centered around a set of servers, not just one so you can see all the members of a multi-tier application or server cluster in one map. Source Microsoft Docs

A common question is how to update machine groups in Service Map automatically. Last week my colleague Jose Moreno and I was worked with Service Map and investigated how to automate machine group updates. The result was a couple of PowerShell examples, showing how to create and maintain machine groups with PowerShell. You can find all the examples on Jose GitHub page. With these scripts we can now use a source, for example, Active Directory groups, to set up and update machine groups in Service Map.

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