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Mail notification based on computer groups

Billy Grind is administrator for a server named CONTOSOFILE01. Billy wants to get a e-mail if something happens with CONTOSOFILE01. This short instruction is based on a working MOM installation and that SMTP is already setup and working.

First we need to add Billy as a operator, we can do that under “Nofification” in Administrator Console

1.       Right-click “Operators” and choose “Create Operator…”

2.       Operator Properties – General” tab, input name of the operator, then click next

3.       Operator Properties – Email, Mark “Email this operator”, input the operator e-mail , then click next

4.       Operators Properties – Page, click next

5.       Operators Properties – Command, click finish

Then we need to create a notification group where the new operator will be member

1.       Right-click “Notification Groups” and choose “Create Notification Group…”

2.       Input a name, for example fileserver administrators

3.       Mark the operator you just created, and click left arrow, click finish

Then we need to create a new computer group where CONTOSOFILE will be member and a rule that will send e-mail to Billy Grind

1.       First create a new computer group and include CONTOSOFILE01

2.       Then create a new rule group

3.       Right-click the new rule group, choose “Associate with Computer Group…” choose the computer you just created, then close that window

4.       Right-click “Alert Rules” and choose “Create alert rule…”

5.       Alert Rule Properties – Alert Criteria”, click next (there will be no criterias)

6.        Alert Rule Properties – Schedule, click next7.       Alert Rule Properties – Responses, choose add and then “Send a notification to a Notification group”, choose you new operators group and then click OK

8.       Alert Rule Properties – Responses, click next

9.       Alert Rule Properties – Knowledge Base, click next

10.   Alert Rule Properties – General, input a name for your new rule, verify that “This rule is enable” is marked, then click finish.

Ok, now it’s done. Note that it can take some minutes before the new rule is active.

If you want to setup more criteria for e-mail notification I recommend you to install Notification Workflow. Another thing to thing about is which e-mail server you are running MOM alerts on, what happens if  that mailserver goes offline? It could be a good ideas to install a extra SMTP server for MOM.


KB article,  “Failed to send SMTP message” error when MOM 2005 tries to send SMTP e-mail notification response”


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  1. Funkar ju fint. Själv valde jag att få alla larm från alla övervakade servrar på mail under kvällar och helger.

    Gör så här: Skapad en computer group som du döper nåt i stil med “alla windowshojjar”. På fliken formula kan du lägga till alla windows 2000/2003 maskiner:

    AttributeValue(Windows Current Version) = “5.0” OR AttributeValue(Windows Current Version) = “5.2”

    Gör en alert rule på samma sätt som Anders beskrev i sin guide. Skillnaden blir på fliken Schedule, där väljer du “Process data except during the specified time”. Bocka i mån-fre 08.00-17.00.

    Klart! Lite enklare än att dra in Notification Workflow om du inte har krav på mer komplexitet. Fördelen här blir också att du har tillgång till SNMP, script, pager osv i dina responses.

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