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Test End-to-End Monitoring

In MOM 2005 there is a default task to test end-to-end monitoring. In Ops Mgr 2007 this task has been removed. If you want to create one on your own, you can do like this

  1. Create a new task in the Console, under Authoring and Management Pack Objects. Configure your new task to run a this
    scriptConst EVENT_SUCCESS = 0
    Set objShell = Wscript.CreateObject(“Wscript.Shell”)
    objShell.LogEvent EVENT_SUCCESS, _
       “Operations Manager 2007 end-to-end test event.”
  2. Create a new rule that collect event from the application log, event ID 0 and event source WSH. Configur the new rule to generate an alert with severity Information.

Summary, you have created a task that will run a script on a machine. This script will create a event in the local event viewer. The rule you have created will collect that event and generate an alert. With this alert you can verify that the communication with your agent is working.