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Welcome to contoso.se! My name is Anders Bengtsson and this is my blog about Azure infrastructure and system management. I am a senior engineer in the FastTrack for Azure team, part of Azure Engineering, at Microsoft.  Contoso.se has two main purposes, first as a platform to share information with the community and the second as a notebook for myself.

Everything you read here is my own personal opinion and any code is provided "AS-IS" with no warranties.

Anders Bengtsson

MVP awarded 2007,2008,2009,2010

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Service Manager Unleashed
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About Contoso.se

My name is Anders Bengtsson. I am a senior engineer in the FastTrack for Azure team, part of Azure Engineering, at Microsoft.

When I started working with MOM 2005 there were no books and not much information to download from the Internet. The purpose, back in May 2006, of this blog, was to make life a little easier for IT personnel working with Operations Manager. The blog has changed focus since 2006, from SCOM to Service Manager, to Orchestrator and now Azure Management and Governance.

If you have a related question feel free to send me an e-mail at anders AT contoso DOT se


Microsoft MVP within Operations Manager 2007-2010


  1. Hi Andreas,

    I have a query about how to setup the runbook to return the members of a group in the SCSM self service portal. I would like to create a self service offering the SCSM portal using AD group membership for an application owner to see who has access to an application and be able to select the users that should be removed and add new users to the group in the same request.

    Kindly advise if possible in SCSM.

  2. Hi Anders, need help. Where can I find the information of each table in Orch DB and what data it holds on. We have a requirement to automate health check of Orch basing on the data from DB.

  3. Hi
    We have been using Orch. for some time, and want to go the SMA way. I need at little help how to create an alert in Opsmgr with PS, we use the Create Alert activity in Orch. Can i do it via the SDK, because there is no Cmdlet.


  4. Hi,
    I have not Heard more about it, sorry. Try post it on Technet there are forums for WAP. I know the Product teams are monitoring those forums. If you cant find a solution try submit a support case to Microsoft support.

  5. I’ve found your blog to be an incredible wealth of knowledge, so thank you for your effort to help others adopt Orchestrator. One area where I’ve spent 3 weeks (learning most of the time) effort is in receiving files via FTP. An IP/Activity that sensed when a file was still being appended (as FTP does) would be great. Instead, I had to use a combination of tricks monitoring Event Logs, Scheduled Events, renaming files… all to make it safe to touch a file that is done being touched by FTP.

    This post is what allowed me to use the SFTP Server software’s ability to target specific events to the Event Log to trigger PowerShell scripts to create my own “trigger file”. This process looked to the Event Log from the FTP server that said a specific file was complete and then I use that information to create a file with the exact same name as the ftp file, except my file has a .txt extension. I use that as a trigger to kick off the runbook that moves the file around (a database backup) and restores it to a server.


    I’d love to see a post from on how you handle files being FTP’d. For me, the challenge was creating an “event-driven” process when the FTP process was complete.

  6. Hi, we spoke about the orphaned subscriptionID issue with WAP and Cloud Cruiser after your session at TechEd 2014. I was wondering if you were able to find a resolution as of yet. Cloud Cruiser says that it is a WAP issue. Would you be able to refer me to someone on the WAP team that may be able to assist in this issue?


  7. Hi,
    DOnt think that is a default feature, but it is possible to do with a couple of runbooks and the Service Manager portal. Might be difficult to read the document to really make sure it is a approval, but maybe you can solve that with a Powershell sxript within a runbook.

  8. I belive that for Exchange 2003 we will generate event 1016, see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/867640 This event is also logged when you try to access another user’s mailbox or calendar, even if you have permission to access the mailbox or the calendar. This event is logged regardless of whether your attempt to access the user’s mailbox or calendar is successful or unsuccessful.

  9. I like the idea of knowledge articles in general, but I often see that customers have them in Sharepoint instead of in SCSM. Then in SCSM they have a link to sharepoint. I think Sharepoint have more features to report on usage and rate different articles.

  10. Hi Anders,

    I was reading your post p=658 regarding auditing mailbox access. You made reference to older clients triggering event 1016 when they retrieve calendar information. It wasn’t clear to me whether or not you indicated that Outlook 2007 would not trigger event 1016.

    In an Exchange 2003 environment, do you know if Outlook 2003 will trigger a 1016 when viewing calendar information? If so, has that changed in Outlook 2007 or 2010 (again, with exchange 2003)?

    I would really appreciate a response.


  11. Anders, a quick question: have you ever been asked about Knowledge Management usage information, for example, which articles were more accessed, or maybe a proper usage report. And also, how effective the KM Articles were in solving incidents? I couldn’t find any reference to the first and very little to the latter.

    Any help is welcome.

    Thank you,

  12. Hi Anders,

    We are looking at implementing Application Authorization Workflow at my company. All looks good but I was wondering if you thought my one enhancement need might be doable. We have certain apps that require a signed authorization form (.pdf – yes i know in the age of digital signatures, this is archaic, but what can one do, eh?) as part of the approval process. I would like the approver to be able to upload the pdf to the application request ticket when they approve.



  13. You mentioned a logging runbook at MMS2013, and that it could be found on your blog. Could you point me to it please. I have been unable to quickly find in by category.

  14. Hi, the only way I can think of is to build this logic in the runbook. It will be a bit complex and you will need some kind of temp storage, maybe a temp db, where you store data like approvers and then compare with what you have in there before you add a new user. I have not built that scenario, but it would work, just need to do some planning first.

  15. Hi Anders

    I have implemented a solution to add approvers to a review activity using Orchestrator, and all works very well indeed. However I have come across a couple of additional requirements, which I cannot figure a way around. They are:

    1. Preventing the duplication of reviewers. i.e. If I have 2 business services, and the same person is the owner of each, the owner is added to the review activity twice.
    2. The change creator shouldn’t be added as a reviewer, since a change creator shouldn’t be able to approve their own change.

    Have you ever come across either of these issues, and if so could you let me know how you might resolve these.



  16. Hi, Ops Mgr will remember which line it read last time. So lets say that day 1 you have 100 lines, then day 2 you have 80 lines in the file. Ops Mgr will then only read lines after 100, not the 80 first one. So to read the whole logfile each time you will need to use a script. I have a couple of them here at the blog that you can use.

  17. Hi,

    I Would like to find out about the log file monitoring.

    here is my setting

    Directory E:\Program Files\Hitachi ID\IDM Suite\hipam\output
    Pattern :- PasswordChange.out
    Params/Param Greater then or equal to = 1000

    This file passwordchange.out will generated daily basis and scom need to find value that is greater or equal to 1000 in any line of this(passwordchange.out) file to fire alert. But it is not working for me

    am i doing any thing wrong here ? Please advice


  18. Hi Andres,

    it was a pleasure to meet you at the MMS. Could I perhaps contact you, if I have System Center questions? If yes, then you could respond to my email address.

    Kind regards from Dallas (I am still not at home).


  19. Hello Anders, Since the name Bengtsson is the 15th most popular sur name in Sweden, we’re probably not related, however, my Great Grandfather Andrew Bengtsson immigrated to the U.S. from Sweden by way of Ellis Island in 1903 and changed our name to an English Spelling of Benson. We speculate that this was a common practice but do not know the real reason. Our family grew up in Portland, Oregon. My uncle has done a lot of research with our family tree and there was some discussion over Christmas about our entire family changing the Benson name back to our original family name of Bengtsson. Sorry to bother you, I Googled Bengtsson and there were many famous Bengtsson names and yours was an easy way to contact, so hello.

  20. Hi i have got a problem with UCS-2 little endian log file monitoring. Is it possible to create “Generic Text file rule” that will react on defined string in file coded in UCS-2 ??

  21. I’ve been trying to get this to work for awhile now: http://contoso.se/blog/?p=265

    I’ve tried so many combinations of what goes into the:
    “Full path of the command file:”, “Command Line parameters:”, “Startup Folder for the command line”, including what is stated in the article.

    I’m configuring the alert on a Management Server, and I’ve downloaded the send_mail.vbs file into the c:\ of the RMS server(I assume this is where the .vbs file needs to reside). I’ve also given the notification account DA rights to see if that would help. I’ve had zero luck, and I don’t know where to begin troubleshooting as I dont see anything in the logs on the RMS server or the Management Server that I configured it on… I’ve also tried stripping out all the arguments and just hardcoded them into .vbs. I still cant get it to execute. Can someone tell me what exactly goes into the 3 fields to get it to execute a .vbs file? Can someone also confirm that the .vbs file should be on the RMS server? And how do I troubleshoot this…help!



  22. Hi Anders,

    I hope you will enjoy your new job. I have a question, maybe you or anyone else has the answer. I would like to set a email channel using BPOS smtp port 587 (well thats possible) but how do we set the microsoftonline credentials. (The user name and password of a Microsoft Online Services user account with an Exchange Online license)

  23. Hi Anders. Great blog! Regarding SCSM. It would be great to if you’d write a blogpost on how to extend the data warehouse to include Knowledge reporting aswell. By default no knowledge info is transferred to the DW.

    /Mikael Karlsson, Tetra Pak

  24. I am having an issue in installing SCOM R2.
    error: Setup cannot locate the SC Database

    I have 3 servers
    1 DC (Domain Controller, Win 2008 Ent x64)
    1 DB (Database with SQL 2008 SP2, Win 2008 Ent x86) (Role: Database)
    1 SCOM (Win 2008 Ent x64) (Roles: Management Server, User Interface, Command Shell, Web Console)

    I have opened port 1433 on DB, I have checked the TCP/IP and named Pipes settings on SQL, Every thing is in order, But still i am getting this error again and again.
    Please help me out in this regard.

  25. Hi may i ask your help in SCSM ?

    I would like to know if it is possible to personalize Self Service Portal? Change vocabulary used on labels and hide some textboxes ??


    On number one, for example i would like to hide that dropdown list.

    THE MOST IMPORTANT: On number two i would like to replace that sentence for another.


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