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Add network card to Azure VM

This is a script I wrote when Pete and I were preparing our System Center Universe session a couple of Days ago. The scenario is that you have a VM running in Azure with one network card. Now you want to add another network card. It is only possible to add a network card when creating the VM. This script will delete the current VM, keep the disk, create a new VM with two network card and attach the disk again.

Things to add to this script can be how to handle VM size. Depending on the VM size you can have different number of network cards, for example if you have 8 CPU cores you can have 4 network cards. It would be good if the script could handle that. It would also be good if the script could handle multiple disk on the original VM. That might show up in vNext 🙂

$VMName = “SCU001”
$ServiceName = “SCU001”
$InstanceSize = “ExtraLarge”
$PrimarySubNet = “Subnet-1”
$SecondarySubnet = “Subnet-2”
$VNET = “vnet001”

#Get the current disk
$disk = Get-AzureDisk | where {$_.AttachedTo -like “*RoleName: $VMName*”}

### Shutdown the VM
Get-AzureVM -Name $VMName -ServiceName $ServiceName | Stop-AzureVM -Force

# Remove the VM but keep the disk
Remove-AzureVM -Name $VMName -ServiceName $ServiceName

# Deploy a new VM with the old disk
$vmconf = New-AzureVMConfig -Name $VMName -InstanceSize $InstanceSize -DiskName $disk.DiskName |
Set-AzureSubnet -SubnetNames $PrimarySubNet |
Add-AzureNetworkInterfaceConfig -name “Ethernet2” -SubnetName $SecondarySubnet |
Add-AzureEndpoint -Protocol tcp -LocalPort 3389 -PublicPort 3389 -Name “Remote Desktop”

New-AzureVM -ServiceName $ServiceName -VNetName $vnet -VMs $vmconf

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