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A MOM Operator can sometimes experience that alerts disappear. This phenomenon depends on a function that will auto resolve alerts after a specified time if no one does anything with them. MOM will keep track how long an alert has been in a resolution state.

For example if a alert exceed times settings under “Alert Resolution States” and “Service Level Agreement” there will be an alert in the service-level exception alert view in Operators Console. This is a way to make sure alerts are handle the correct way.

Auto alert resolution gives MOM the possibility to update the MOM database (OnePoint) when an alert is not active anymore, without a operator has done anything. Under global settings in the Administrator console you can setup all times controlling when an alert will be auto resolved. There is two type of alerts “normal alerts” and “state alerts”. Normal alerts have problem state = Investigate. State problem have problem state = active or inactive. MOM cant auto resolve alerts that has problem state = active since the problem remain and no one knows if there will be more alerts. MOM will auto resolve alerts that fulfill this

resolution state = 'new' and problem state != 'active'

Default time settings is
Automatically resolved critical error alerts 90 days
Automatically resolved error alerts 2 days
Automatically resolved inactive alerts 1 hours
Automatically resolved informational alerts 4 hours
Automatically resolved security issue alerts 90 days
Automatically resolved service unavailable alerts 90 days
Automatically resolved success alerts 4 hours
Automatically resolved warning alerts 1 day

The following is a example from the history tab on an alert in Operators Console. It shows how an alert was created, according to the global settings it was auto resolved after 2 days. 2 days is default for serverity = error.

2006-06-09 05:30:03: AutoResolved
Auto Resolving Alert
Changed ‘Resolution State’ from ‘New’ to ‘Resolved’.  2006-06-07 10:51:43: NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE
Alert is created in management group Contoso.


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