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Monitor ID

You sometimes gets something like this in for example an alert

Affected monitor ID: AE311D41-D0C4-31B3-B2A1-E503E7226F42 Instance ID: 54321668-EFFA-411D-A511-3C6D9E119294 Management Group ID: 17F3B66F-8597-7BB1-35EE-F382AAF6B299

You then want to know the name of the monitor. Unfortunately the built-in advanced search tool in the console dont support searching on Monitor ID.  But you can run this SQL query in your OperationsManager database, it will give you bot monitor name and managementpack

SELECT Monitor.MonitorName, ManagementPack.MPName FROM Monitor INNER JOIN ManagementPack ON Monitor.ManagementPackID = ManagementPAck.ManagementPackID WHERE MonitorID = ‘X’

Replace X with the Monitor ID.