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Error initializing MAPI in Orchestrator or Opalis

Today I was building a runbook including a Send Exchange Email activity. Unfortunately it didn’t work, instead I had to troubleshoot for a moment. The error was “Error initializing MAPI”. This activity use a Outlook profile, so you need to have Outlook installed on the runbook server/action server that is going to execute the runbook/policy. In my case I had Outlook 2010 installed. Here are some of the things I checked to find the missing configuration, outlook profile on the action server for the correct service account 🙂

  • Make sure you spell the Outlook profile name correct, else you will get a error saying it cant find the profile
  • Make sure that Outlook profile exists on the action server that is going to run the runbook/policy. It needs to exist for the account that is executing the activity. In my case the action server service account. To make sure the profile exists, and to create it, logon to the runbook server/action server, start control panel, configure the profile. Then also start Outlook to make sure the profile is working.
  • Make sure you execute the runbook/policy on the correct action server, where the service account has the Outlook profile
  • Verify if the “Task fails if an attachment is missing” check box should be checked. If it is, and there is no attachment, the Send Exchange Email activity will fail.

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