By Anders Bengtsson

Azure Ninja Workshop Survey
Day 3 and overall

Visio Add-in for Operations Manager 2007 R2,

Project planning,

Ops Mgr sizer,

System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Documentation,

Create custom ACS reports

Ping MP,
VMware MP,

Script in monitor,

Remote Desktop Connection Manager,

Troubleshooting gray agent states in System Center Operations Manager 2007 and System Center Essentials
Getting started with Ops Mgr, a PDF file written by some PFE´s,
  1. Hi, sorry dont have that. I dont Think I have seen that actually. But I guess you could write it in SQL Reporting if you do a custom report.

  2. Dean says:

    Hi, i would like to know if you have a report that will show by machine how compliant that machine is in percentage like Computer one 80% compliant missing 4 patches

    i have look on the net for weeks and nothing comes close.

  3. Maekee says:

    Hej Anders,
    Hittar inte OpsMgr Reports för Maintenance Management Packet som du skulle länka till.


  4. Hi, talk to your local Microsoft contact and get in contact with a MS Training Center. I have not done much work in that part of the world, so I dont have a name for you.

  5. Hello I am lLuis Rodriguez from caracas venezuela i need to kwon where can I take this course 50217 if available do you kwon some where in EEUU or latin american