eXc Software

eXc software have a lot of exciting management packs for MOM 2005. If you cant find any other way to monitor a service, device or  application there is most probable a management pack from eXc software to do it. They have for example management packs for Cisco, Vmware, MySQL, TrendMicro and McAfee Anti-Virus Server. I also want to say that eXc software customer support is great.

Many eXc software management packs contains two parts, a virtual agent running from the MOM management server and one part is receiving SMTP traps.

If you are working with a eXc management pack and thinks that its difficult to get a nice structure in eXc Software Configuration Tool, you can edit it in the file structure instead. If you look in the C:\Program Files\eXc Software\WMI Providers\Virtual Agents Library\MOM\Solaris\ all settings is stored in XML files. You can create new directories here that will show up in the configuration tool. You can also easy copy/paste files to “clone” settings to a new host. This could be a easier way since the configuration tool is a bit restricted.

In the Software Configuration tool there is a funny functions in the Tools menu, encryption. You will need to input both login and password into the configuration tool and to avoid have them visual you can save it in a text file and the encrypt the file with this function.

Remember to unmark “Disable” if you add new log files to monitor, else they will not be monitored, easy to forget.

eXc Software