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50216 Operations Manager 2007: Advanced Configuration and Administration

This week Microsoft Learning released a new Operations Manager 2007 R2 instructor-led (classroom) course for IT Professionals. It is a 3-days course that will cover the following topics in deep, level 400.

 This course was written by myself and Maarten Goet. Maarten is also a Microsoft MVP within Operations Manager. We have tried to add as much “real world scenarios” and field experience as possible into this course and hope you will learn a lot!

Module 1: Architecture and Troubleshooting
This module will explain how the ‘internals’ of Operations Manager work and how to troubleshoot

Module 2: Management Packs
This module will explain management pack architecture and how to author a management pack.

Module 3: Reporting
This module will explain how to develop custom reports.

Module 4: Connectors
This module will explain how to connect Operations Manager to remote systems, like a ticketing system.

Module 5: Advanced Scripting and PowerShell
This module will explain how to build and work with Operations Manager scripting and PowerShell.

For more info about the course, please take a look here. If you want to attend this course in the the Nordic countries, please take a look here.


  1. Hi, thanks for reading my blog. Sorry dont know where to get that course anymore. I have not deliver it since I started at Microsoft. But contact MCT support or post in the MCT forum to see if anyone know where to get it.

  2. Hey Anders,

    The course looks great, but now I can`t download the Trainer material from MCT from Learning download center, you know where I can download it.


  3. My local center has this course, but if feel i get more value for money by attending the course where the person who wrote the material is teaching it.

    As i have read and posted on many of the forum posts where you are active i know that you in fact know what this product is about, i don’t think the local training center will give me the same knowledge as you do, some of the classes i have been to has just been a teacher reading from the material

    If you plan to have any of these courses in english, please let me know 🙂

  4. It is in Swedish by default. But this is a normal MOC course, so any local training center can deliver it. We could deliver it in English in Stockholm, but check local first.

  5. Is this course is available on a DvD or CD.Can I download the contents of course??

  6. It is in both, sometimes my Ops Mgr courses are delivered in English and some in Swedish. The course itself is written in English and all the text and virtual machines are English.

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