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KB Article 922332

Article 922332: How to move Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Reporting together with the MOM Reporting database to a different computer.

Article 9223322 is about moving the SystemCenterReporting database to a new machine. In general that KB is enough, but I would like to add some information.

During step 1 you should write down all permissions that you have in your reporting console. Also document all extra SQL permissions that you have setup, for example permissions to dev department. Step 1 describe how you should use RptUtil.exe to export reports. SQL 2005 is require higher XML security so most of your SQL 2000 reports will not work in SQL 2005. There is a KB about this KB919598 too. If you don’t get reports to work with the latest MP version you can call Microsoft Product Support Services and ask them to send you latest report version.

During step 4 you are told to install MOM 2005 reporting on the target machine. To make sure MOM 2005 don’t think the old machine still is the reporting server you can run the following query in the OnePoint database “SELECT * FROM reportingsettings”. If MOM 2005 thinks there is two reporting servers you will get problems when importing reports. They will be imported but never show up in reporting console.

Be sure that you export your custom made reports during step 1, you can import them in reporting console after step 8.

Don’t forget to write down all subscriptions too. If you use subscriptions you will have to setup SMTP again.

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How to move Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Reporting together with the MOM Reporting database to a different computer

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