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Side-by-Side Migrering part 1

This weekend I did some migration from MOM 2005 to SCOM 2007 beta 2.

First I tried to install SCOM 2007 on the MOM2005 management server. There was a conflict during setup because of a performance counter issue. That will work in the RTM version. I then installed SCOM 2007 on its own server. MOM 2005 and SCOM 2007 did share SQL server, SQL 2005 SP1.

I exported some common made management packs from MOM 2005, converted them to XML with MP2XML from MOM 2005 resource kit. SCOM 2007 didn’t liked them, there was a issue with the XML file it said.

The next step was to add machines. Auto discovery didn’t find any machines at all, this is a known bug in beta 2. I then installed a agent manually on FASRV02, a machine that already have a MOM 2005 agent. There wasn’t a problem running them on the same machine.

I shut down FASRV02 and received an alert in MOM 2005 and some kind of alert in SCOM 2007, unfortunately there was a problem writing to the database.

I then uninstalled the SCOM 2007 agent from FASRV02 and from FAOP01 that has been running SCOM 2007 before. I also removed the database and cloned a new machines named FAOPSMGR where I installed all parts of SCOM 2007, even the database.

I installed a agent manually on FASRV02 again. FASRV02 now has both the MOM service and the MOM Health service running. I disconnected the network card from FASRV02 and did receive an alert in both MOM 2005 and SCOM 2007, nice! 🙂

I looks like a computer can be monitored with both MOM 2005 and SCOM 2007 at the same time. Almost all problems I run into this weekend is known issues according to Microsoft beta newsgroup.

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