Here is a summary of some of the most common questions I have seen in forums

Is it possible to exclude a machine from a rule?
Yes it is. You can do this in some different ways. One way is to edit the rule and “enable rule-disable overrides for this rule”.  You then choose a machine or a computer group that no longer will be affected by this rule. Remember to change “override name” else it will be hard to get a overview under “Override Criteria”, also remember to write down all your changes in your organization change log.

Is it possible to place a computer into maintenance mode with a script?
Yes, please read my article about maintenance mode.

How can I change importance flag on notification e-mails?
You can do it with MOM Notification Workflow. You change it in the AppADF.xml file.

How can I remove a management pack?
There was a KB about this before ( but it is not public anymore. What you can do is to disable the rule group and no rules will be active anymore.