Dell management pack

Dell have released a new version of Dell managmenet pack

You can download it here

1) Added support for the latest versions of Dell OpenManage Server Administrator v5.0 (including the enhanced Storage Management Service 2.0) and Dell OpenManage Array Manager. See read me for more detail.
2) Remote power control tasks and LED Identification tasks for Dell servers with BMC hardware and Server Administrator installed.
3) Support for new events in Storage Management and battery events in Server Administrator.
4) Additional tool tips for Dell Computers – Server Administrator version, BMC IP Address, IPMI Version, BIOS Version, and RAC Web address.
5) State View with Dell OpenManage Services along with Dell hardware agents’ status.
6) Additional classification for Dell systems without Server Administrator and a Warning alert for the Dell systems where Server Administrator is required to be installed.
7) Update of Dell Knowledge Base information to support new event processing rules of Server Administrator (including the enhanced Storage Management Service) and Array Manager.
8) Fixed the issue where Dell scripts were spawning multiple instances of cmd.exe and omreport.exe when the agent managed nodes were on load.



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