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User does not have permissions to access the Service Management API

When playing with Windows Azure Pack I received this error. When searching on the Internet the solution is to add the user to the local “MgmtSvc Operators” security group. That is a bit difficult, as Microsoft removed that group in Update 1. Instead you should use PowerShell “Add-MgmtSvcAdminUser” to assign users permissions. When I ran get-MgmtSvcAdminUser I had the WAP server local administrator’s group member of the WAP Admin role, and my user was member of that local administrator group. Normally a member of a group has all permissions that the group has, but not in this case, instead I needed to add my user account direct to the admin role. Thanks to the oracle Patrik Sundqvist who enlighten me about that. I ran the following PowerShell line and then it worked

Add-MgmtSvcAdminUser –ConnectionString ‘Server=SCDB01;Initial Catalog=Microsoft.MgmtSvc.Store;Trusted_Connection=True;’ –principal ‘demo\anders.bengtsson’

SCDB01 is the database server hosting the Microsoft.MgmtSvc.Store database. DEMO is the domain name.

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