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Export runbooks with SMA

This runbook can be used to export SMA runbooks based on runbook tag. All runbooks with the tag you specify as a parameter will be exported to the C:\TEMP folder. Remember to update $WebServiceEndPoint to your SMA web service.

workflow Export-Runbook
[string] $Tag
$WebServiceEndpoint = "https://wap01"
InLineScript {
$runbooks = Get-SMArunbook -WebServiceEndpoint $using:WebServiceEndpoint | Where-Object {$_.Tags -like "*$using:Tag*"}
foreach ($i in $runbooks)
$runbooktoexport = Get-SmaRunbookDefinition -Type Draft -WebServiceEndpoint $using:WebServiceEndpoint -name $i.RunbookName
$outpath = "C:\temp\" + $i.RunbookName + ".txt"
$runbooktoexport.Content | Out-File $outpath

Note that this is provided “AS-IS” with no warranties at all. This is not a production ready solution, just an idea and an example.

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