MMS SD-B317 follow up

I would like to start by saying THANK YOU to all 625+ that attended mine and Pete session and made it to one of the top-10 sessions at MMS 2013 🙂 Based on the request in the evaluation form and requests after the session I will try to share all things shown in the session. Video of the session can be found here , and PowerPoint SD-B317_Bengtsson. Marnix Wolf made some good notes during the session

The Excel sheet we used during the session to estimate the Orchestrator database size can be found here, Estimate the Orchestrator database size.

I have written a set of runbooks that will check your other runbooks according to best practices, download the runbook validator here. The “runbook validator” will check most of the things that Pete and I talked about during our session.

The runbook we discussed during the BOF session is included in this BOFdemo export file.


Please post a comment if you have any more questions around what we showed and discussed in the session



2 thoughts on “MMS SD-B317 follow up

  1. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for an outstanding session. This was definitely in the top 3 as far as best sessions is concerned.

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