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Get-FileAttachments – Download attached files from Service Manager

In the Integration Pack for Service Manager 2012 there is a activity to upload attachment, you can also look at attachments with the Get Object activity. But what you are looking is just the object, not the context of the file. For example you can see that incident IR123 has a related file (System.FileAttachment), you can see some properties of the file, like name and size, but you cant read it. This has been a challenge in a number of scenario. A couple of days ago I asked Patrik if we couldn’t do something about it and today he uploaded the first public version of a Powershell script. This Powershell script, Get-FileAttachments, will dump all file attachments to a folder. It works with both work items like incidents and configuration items like Windows computers.

One scenario that I read about in the forum a couple of days ago is the fact that attachments are not moved to the data warehouse in Service Manager. Instead you need to archive them before the work item or config item is moved to the data warehouse. There is no built in feature for this. But with a simple runbook in Orchestrator and the get-fileattachments script it is solved 🙂

This example monitor Service Manager for incidents that is updated with a new status that is equal to closed. The runbook then checks if there are any related file attachments, if there are, the script is triggered. The script that I run as a command in this example gets the SC Object GUID from the Monitor Closed Incidents activity as input. C:\SCSM_Archive is my archive folder where all attachments are stored. The scripts creates a folder named as the incident and stores all files in the folder.

Some time ago I wrote a blog post about converting incidents to service requests. That is a scenario where you also would like to include this get-fileattachments script, to make sure all attached files are moved to the other work item too. You can build activity and a integration pack on the script too, see this blog post for a example

You can download the script here.


  1. Hi, this will be used to get file attachments from a runbook. There is no way to use this activity in the portal. But you might build something that can trigger the cmdlet from the portal.

  2. This script can be used to download the attacments of my work items trhough SSP?

  3. Hello, we are trying to search within attached files (like sql query to change some value in database) in incident. is there any way to search a specific word/text within attached files?

  4. Hi, I dont have the details here, but I remember I had a issue loading the plugin to powershell in the .NET activity, so instead I ran in as a command. I have some ideas to build a activity around it too.

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