Review a Generic Text Log with Ops Mgr Reporting

I received a question about reviewing log files with Operations Manager reporting. There are rule to collect text log, but not out of the box report to look at the result. In this scenario you don’t want an alert based on the content of the log file, you only want to collect it and review it.

Start by creating a Collection Rule/Generic CSV Text Log rule. Configure it to collect everything from the file on the expression page, in my example (for a CSV log file)

Parameter Name: Params/Param[1]
Operator: Matches Wildcard
Value: *
Directory: C:\LogFiles\
Pattern: logfile.log
Separator: ,

To review the data we will use the Custom Event report. Unfortunately there is a known issue regarding this, the report does not display data where filter rules includes a parameter between 1 and 20, such as Parameter 1. To fix this you have to install hotfix 954823.

To review the log file with the Custom Event report choose to filter object equals FQDN of the machine with the log file, object type equals Windows Computer, Category equals 3 and Channel equal GenericCSVLog.



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