Ops Mgr 2007 R2 Beta 1

Beta 1 of Ops Mgr 2007 R2 has been released to the connect website. You can download the beta there and start evaluating it. On the system center team blog there is a good post about R2 and all the news. Below you can see and read about some of the news in R2. One of the first things I noticed is how fast everything in the console is.

When you import new management packs you can select “Download Management Packs”. With that you can import directly from the system center ops mgr 2007 catalog. The wizard will show you which MPs are in the catalog and if they are newer then the version you have installed.


When you right-click an alert you get the option to create a notification based on that alert. It looks almost as the “create rule wizard” in Outlook. There are a number of criteria and conditions you can use when creating a new subscription. 



Under the Authoring workspace there are a number of new management pack templates, including a couple of Linux and UNIX machines.


There are also a number of new objects under management pack objects, for example Service Level Tracking. Service Level Tracking enables you to follow the performance and availability objects/services in your environment. You can create monitors to monitor your commitments, service level objective goals.


Under the administration workspace there is a number of news. One of the important features of R2 is support for Unix and Linux servers. When you run the discovery wizard you can now choose to discover Unix and Linux computers. When creating smtp notification channels you can select importance for your notification.


On the R2 beta CD there is a new version of the Authoring Console too.



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