Change Default View in the Web Console

If you want to change the default web console view there are at least two ways to do it:

  1. Start the web console, find the view that you want to open first, for example “Contoso Alerts”. Then create a new shortcut to http://WebConsoleServer:51908/default.aspx?ViewName=Contoso Alerts
  2. The second way is a little bit more complicated. Start the web console, navigate to the view, right click in the navigation tree and select “view source”. The in the source, search for the name of the view and you will find the “onNodeClicked code” on the same line, for example 4cb2t5a7-b4b4-2621-2e7b-e346ag52f2ed22. You will also need the ViewType, you can find that next to the “onNodeClicked code”.Then create a new shortcut to http://webconsoleserver:51908/default.aspx?ViewID=8db1f5a7-f3f3-2646-6c6b-e34672f7ed98&ViewType=AlertView , insert the ViewType and onNodeClicked code.



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