If you want to change the default web console view there are at least two ways to do it:

  1. Start the web console, find the view that you want to open first, for example “Contoso Alerts”.┬áThen create a new shortcut to http://WebConsoleServer:51908/default.aspx?ViewName=Contoso Alerts
  2. The second way is a little bit more complicated. Start the web console, navigate to the view, right click in the navigation tree and select “view source”. The in the source, search for the┬áname of the view and you will find the “onNodeClicked code” on the same line, for example 4cb2t5a7-b4b4-2621-2e7b-e346ag52f2ed22. You will also need the ViewType, you can find that next to the “onNodeClicked code”.Then create a new shortcut to http://webconsoleserver:51908/default.aspx?ViewID=8db1f5a7-f3f3-2646-6c6b-e34672f7ed98&ViewType=AlertView , insert the ViewType and onNodeClicked code.