Groups to Classes

This management pack allows security groups in Active Directory to be used to discover classes in Operations Manager 2007. For example if you already have your servers divied into security groups in Active Directory you can use populate classes from those groups and use the same in Operations Manager 2007 for targeting.This management pack needs to be adapt to your environment before you can use it. I recommend you to do that in the Authoring Console.

The management pack includes two classes, Contoso.GRP2CL.Fileservers and Contoso.GRP2CL.AppServers. Both these classes have one discovery rule each. The discover rules use script to check if the local machine is member of a specified security group in Active Directory. If they are, they create a instance of the class. The LDAP path is configure in the script. You should also change the discovery schedule, default time is every two minute.

The management pack also includes two state views to show which machines that are in the classes.

Every two minute it runs a script on all windows servers to see if they are member of a security group in Active Directory. If they are, a instance of the class is created.

Download the package here. Please note that this is a sample/idea, make sure to test and review it in a testenvironment.



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