This is a short step by step guide how to create a windows server 2008 template in SCVMM 2008.

  1. In the Virtual Machine workspace, create a new Windows Server 2008 virtual machine. Install Windows and configure as you like, for example run Windows Update. The templating process expects either a blank password or injects one, therfore you will need to edit your local security policy to allow “non complex passwords” (start Local Security Policy, Account Policies, Password must meet complexity requirements = FALSE). Make sure the machine is stopped.
  2. In the Library workspace, create a new software profile including for example product key, time zone, local administration password
  3. In the Library workspace, create a new hardware profile including suitable hardware. Read all about Windows Server 2008 systemrequirements here at Comparitech.
  4. In the Library workspace, navigate to templates, click New Template. Follow the wizard and select you new Windows Server 2008 machine as source. Select the hardware and software profiles that you created. The wizard will sysprep you machine and prepare it to be a template, it will also store the template in the library.

If you now want to use the new template, you go to the virtual machines workspace. Click “New Virtual Machine”, use a template, select your new Windows Server 2008 template, input a name, select your software and hardware profiles. Dont forgett to input a hostname under “Guest Operating System” (Input server name). After that, you have a new Windows Server 2008 machine built on your template machine, with your hardware profile and software profile applied.