Vmware > SCVMM

This weekend I have been playing in the sandpit with Hyper-V (build 6.0.6001.18016), System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 (beta), Vmware and Windows Server 2008. I had a lot of issues first (for example I often lost the connection to the server from the console) but after I applied SCVMM2008_Beta_ServerUpdate.msp the console started to work much better.

After moved one of my Vmware machines into the SCVMM library I started to converted it. The virtual-to-virtual conversion wizard was successfully but there was a couple of warnings saying that “Boot or system volume on the virtual machine is not found”. The virtual machine started but did not find a harddisk to boot from.

I think the problem was the Vmware virtual machine disc configuration. After I changed it and re-imported the machine in SCVMM library the virtual-to-virtual conversion was successfully without any warnings. I recommend you to uninstall Vmware tools before you convert the machine as you cant uninstall it without the “vmware tools.msi” file, that is easy accessible on your Vmware host, it works much better uninstalling it on the Vmware host in general.

In my sandpit a virtual-to-virtual conversion for a 19GB large machine took 11 minutes. next step will be to get everything monitored by Operations Manager 2007.