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Operations Manager 2007 lab

This week I have been instructor for my self written “Operations Manager 2007 Lab”. It is a 3-day lab, that I delivered together with a training center here in Sweden. The purpose of this lab is to give Ops Mgr Administrators a more in-depth knowledge of all the components and features of Ops Mgr 2007, but also to meet and discuss experience with other Ops Mgr administrators. The lab schedule is fairly dynamic, it all depends on the questions from the students. It was very instructive days and I want to thank all students.This lab contains the following headings:    
  • The console and management settings
  • Management packs and targeting
  • Distributed applications
  • Architecture and design
  • Security, backup and recovery
  • Audit Collection Services (ACS)
  • Monitoring non Microsoft technologies for example Linux
  • Agentless Exception Monitoring (AEM)
  • Migration from MOM 2005 to Ops Mgr 2007

If you have any questions regarding this lab or other System Center courses, send me a e-mail.