Cross Platform Extensions in the Sandbox

After a couple of hours in the sandbox with the new cross platform extension beta I must say it is very cool and I think this will end a lot of discussions. There is never a question which product to choose to monitor Microsoft technologies, but I often discuss Linux and non-Microsoft monitoring with customers that are about to but a new monitoring solution. Here are a couple of screenshots from today

  • This is the health explorer for a SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 SP1 machine
  • This is from the monitoring workspace, my SUSE machine is healthy and green
  • This one is showing a alert, something is wrong with the syslog daemon
  • This is the health explorer with the syslog error, note the “syslog restart” task
  • This one is showing the “syslog restart” task

In the screenshots you can see how I first receive an alert regarding the syslog daemon on my SUSE machine (SLES-10-SP1-i386-DVD1.iso). I then simple restart the daemon from health explorer, really nice!

When working with the cross platform extension there are a couple of commands that are useful commands

  • service, stop, start and restart services, for example “service ssl stop” to stop the ssl service. This will generate an alert with default SUSE management pack.
  • cat /etc/SuSE-release , show which version of SUSE you are running.
  • shutdown -r now , to restart the machine direct (now)
  • To troubbleshoot WSMan you can raise the loglevel, edit this file /etc/opt/microsoft/scx/conf/openwsman.conf and change loglevel (4) to 6. You will then see all Ops Mgr connections in /var/opt/microsoft/scx/log/wsman.log . Be aware that this file can grow very rapid. There are also a couple of other related logfiles in /var/opt/microsoft/scx/log




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