Ops Mgr Tools

Here are a some tools that is useful to know about when working with Ops Mgr 2007:

  • Create URL Monitor, script to create url monitors, download
  • Agent MM, a command line tool to place OpsMgr agents into Maintenance mode, download
  • Creating overrides using the SDK, download
  • DumpMpContents, dump the contents of a management pack, download
  • GroupMM, takes a group and puts all the computers in the group, download
  • MP2XMLDUMPER, export MP to XML, download
  • MPTOXML, Converting a sealed management pack to readable XML, download
  • MPViewer, show the contents of a management pack, for example rules, monitors, views, tasks, console tasks and reports, download
  • OpsMgr 2007 Database and Data Warehouse Size Calculator, download
  • Agent Proxy Configuration Tool, download
  • ProxySettings, enabling proxying for agents, download
  • Run As profile configuration helper, configure a RunAs profile for agents in bulk, download
  • Counts and displays the number of security events generated every second, download
  • How to specify which RunAs account to use for a particular RunAs profile on a particular agent, download

Thanks to Stuart B. Renes for the list.



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