Active Directory Integration with Orchestrator

I guess many of you have start playing with System Center 2012 Orchestrator already, if not, download it here. A common question around Orchestrator is integration with Active Directory and multiple Active Directory forests. Earlier versions of integration packs for Active Directory required the runbook server to be member of the target Active Directory forest, which could be a challenge when working with multiple Active Directory forests. Tonight I did a test with the System Center 2012 Orchestrator Beta Integration Pack for Active Directory (download here) and it seems to work fine between different Active Directory forests, even without a trust. I have Orchestrator RC installed in the field.local AD forest and creating Active Directory objects over in the Contoso.local Active Directory forest. There is no trust between the two forests. Great!



2 thoughts on “Active Directory Integration with Orchestrator

  1. Hi, there are at some blogs and in the Technet Orchestrator forum. But not one place with a lot of examples, sorry. But let me know what you want to see and maybe I can write a post about it.

  2. Hi Anders

    Do you know where I can find examples or documentation about Orchestrator and AD IP? I’m new to this tool and want to try to manage users tasks with automation.

    Ágúst J

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