SMS Notification

With Short Message Service (SMS) you can easy send messages (max 160 characters) to mobile phones. Messages can be textual (alphanumeric) or binary. These are the four steps you setup notification with SMS:

  1. Configure a GSM modem 
  2. Configure SMS notification channel
  3. Configure notification recipients
  4. Configure notification subscription

A GSM modem can be any normal mobile phone, as long as your RMS server founds it as a modem in the Operating Systems. I tried this with a ordinary Sony Ericsson mobile phone, connected to the RMS through a USB cable. Simple connect the phone and install suitable drivers. When planning this, make sure there are drivers for your platform, for example I couldn’t found any X64 drivers for my phone. All notification are sent from the RMS. Of course you could build a script that RMS triggers with command notification that send SMS from another machine. A tool that might be useful then is Microsoft SMS Sender

To configure a SMS notification channel you simple click “Enable short message services notifications”, under Administration/Settings/Notification and the Short Message Service tab, in the console.

Create a notification recipient under Administration/Notifications/Recipients. Add a notification device that use the short message service channel.

Create a notification subscription and add your new notification recipient to it. One thing that you might want to modify is the SMS format. Check the “Use custom SMS format” on the Formats page, and then modify the subject line, in the subscription properties wizard. 

Plan your SMS notification careful so you don’t send out hundreds of SMS to all mobile phones. When configure your notification recipients with SMS device you can configure schedule, one idea can be that the SMS device is only available during non-office hours. During office hours you can most probable receive notification with e-mail.

Happy SMSing!



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