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Validate your runbook design – part II

I made some updates to the “SCO Check” runbook posted in this post.

  • Updated the report. I added some color and a better format of the information
  • Added 4.6.1 Statistics to give you a summary of your runbooks and the result of each instance of them, for example how many times it has failed.
  • Removed the check that looked for links with default names, updated 4.5.1 to include that too
  • Updated 4.5.1 Default Names to check all activites we use in runbooks against all activities in the database, to find activites with default names
  • Some other small updates

You can download all runboks here, Export File. Please note that this is provided “as is” with no warranties at all. If you have any ideas what I should add, please post them as comment to this post or send me an e-mail. Also please note this is all based on my ideas and is not a “Health check” or Microsoft official guidelines.

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