Converting MOM 2005 Biztalk 2004 MP

Yesterday I needed a Biztalk 2004 management pack for Ops Mgr 2007. The only Biztalk managamange pack available in the System Center Operations Manager 2007 catalog is for Biztalk 2006. I converted the MOM 2005 Biztalk 2004 MP to Ops Mgr 2007 format, according to Petes guide. But, when I tried to import the management pack into Ops Mgr 2007 I recived a error saying “XSD verification failed for management pack”. I then downloaded XML Notepad 2007 and took a look at the XML file. The NAME field included a lot of spaces, I removed them and wrote Biztalk2004 in the NAME field instead. After that there was no problem importing the Biztalk 2004 management pack into Ops Mgr 2007.