DPM MP Reports

I have installed the System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 (DPM) management pack for Operations Manager 2007 and notice that there are no reports included in the management pack, but there are a number of reports in the DPM 2007 Administrator Console. If you want to view these reports from the Ops Mgr console you can create a new Web Page View (a true cowboy solution).

  1. Right-click Monitoring\Monitoring in the console and choose to create a new Web Page View
  2. Input a suitable name, for example DPM Reports
  3. Input a suitable description
  4. Input target website. Input http://dpmserver/Reports. Replace “dpmsever” with the name of your DPM server for example http://emea-dpm-01/reports.

In this example I am running DPM db on a “real” SQL server, not the built-in SQL software that comes with DPM. You will have to give your operators permissions to view DPM reports. You can do that from SQL Report Manager

  1. Browse to http://dpmserver/Reports
  2. Click “Show Details”
  3. Click “Edit” in front of “DPMReports”, to get the DPMReports folder properties
  4. Click “Security” on the left side
  5. Click “New Tole Assignment”
  6. In the New Role Assignment window, input the security group or user account, for example “EMEA\OpsMgrAdmins” (EMEA is my domain)
  7. Assign the new group or user a suitable role for example “Browser”
  8. Click OK and your are done