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Delete a Client in Opalis

If you want to delete a client from your Opalis environment you can use Opalis Deployment Manager. But if the client machine is offline the uninstall wizard will end with a error saying “Failed to uninstall the Client”. The client will still be in Opalis Deployment Manager and you cant delete it. The resolution to this, to delete a offline client, is to try to deploy the console to the same machine again. If you run the “Deploy new client” wizard, against the machine that is offline, the setup will fail (of course) but one of the first step in the deployment wizard is to uninstall and delete the console. The result will be that the client is no longer in the Opalis Deployment Manager.

If you later re-deploy Opalis integration Server to the workstation and select only a limited number of integration packs, the workstation will still have  all the integration packs it had with the old console installation.

If you start the console after it was deleted from Opalis Deployment Manager, it can still connect to the Opalis server and Opalis Deployment Manager will be updated to include the workstation under clients again.

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