Look for a word on a webpage

I saw a question about looking at a website and verify that there where some words on it. If you follow my post, “How to Monitor a Web Site with Ops Mgr 2007“, then add the steps in this post, you will have a web application looking for a word on a website.

  1. After you have create your web application, click on it and choose “Edit web application settings” from the action menu
  2. Web Application Editor, in the Request Details part, check Content Match and choose Does not contain from the drop down menu, then input a word that you want to verify is on the webpage.
  3. Web Application Editor, click Verify
  4. Web Application Editor, click Apply
  5. Close the Web Application Editor

You can now add the web application to your computer state view, choose to personalize view. You will also see alerts in the Active Alert view if your content match settings is not fullfilled.