When you work with console scope in MOM 2005 you will soon notice that you can only add username to a scope, not groups. If you have a service desk with 50 persons  it will be a lot of work to add them all. presumably there is already a security group named service desk in your organization and then you can use a tool named csutility.exe, included in MOM 2006 resource kit.I this example I have  a security group named “Exchange Administrators”. All exchange administrators is member of that group. In MOM I have a console scope for them named “Exchange Administrators Scope”. When new exchange administrators is hired or quite they are added/removed to/from that group. After that group has been modify I run the following command

CSUTIL.EXE Synchronize "Exchange Administrators Scope" "DOMAIN\Exchange Administrators"

What will happened is that all members of “Exchange Administrators” will be added to the scope named “Exchange Administrators Scope”. If I have removed a user from Exchange Administrators it will be removed from the scope too. The scope is synchronized with the MOM scope.

This will save you a lot of time, because the security group is already in place.


MOM 2005 Resource Kit




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